A long-awaited journey

The eve before a major trip is always filled with excitement and anxiety. Tomorrow Jenna and I depart for a 3-week trip to South Africa. A few minor details remain unresolved but all the important pieces are in place.

Our voyage will take us from Seattle through London to Cape Town where we will spend a week. Then up to Durban to meet a friend and take a short tour through Natal's Midlands before ascending the steep mountain road up Sani Pass into Lesotho. Back in Durban we rendezvous with the KwaZulu Natal Land Rover Club to head to Tembe Elephant Park where we have exclusive access over 4 days. Once more to Durban for toes in the sand, bunny chow in hand, and catching up with my relatives. 

Tune in here for photos and accounts of our adventures. Next post will be about London, e.t.a. Sunday.