In 2012 and 2013 I participated in search and recovery missions near Koge Bay, Greenland as a safety and logistics officer.  Our goal was to find and repatriate the remains of three U.S. service members whose Coast Guard seaplane vanished during a daring rescue in the winter of 1942.  The history of these events during the second World War, as well as the 2012 search efforts, are explored in captivating detail by author Mitchell Zuckoff in his New York Times bestseller, Frozen in Time.  Partway through the 2013 expedition Mitch had to return to the States and handed to me the duties of posting mission updates to the Boston Globe.  This blog contains accounts and photographs of our challenging work in hostile conditions.

Boston Globe Frozen in Time blog.

LSA Magazine (University of Michigan Press) featured an article on these search and recovery missions in the fall 2014 issue:

The Searchers

Exploration in Land Rovers

Some of the most breathtaking places I've traveled to have been remote and rugged corners of wilderness.  Many of these I've been able to reach in a Land Rover, from the depths of the Kalahari Desert to the rocky passes of the Cascades and Lesotho.  My lifelong love of the Land Rover has included many memorable adventures.

A rare vehicle is the living record of a pivotal chapter in Land Rover's history in North America.  In 2017 I wrote and shot a feature for Alloy & Grit about a painstaking restoration of the winning Discovery from the inaugural TReK competition.

When the annual Northwest Challenge driving competition took place in the coastal mountains of British Columbia in 2016, I headed up there to see the action and cover the excitement for Alloy & Grit, North America's independent Land Rover Journal.

In September 2014 I competed in the Northwest Challenge, a Land Rover-focused skill and driving contest in the wilderness of the Cascades, and covered the event for Rovers Magazine25 Years of NW Challenge

The 200th issue of the British publication Land Rover Monthly featured an article I wrote about a historically significant Land Rover that lives on Whidbey Island.  Built in 1969, it has only been driven 1,800 miles and is in practically the same condition as when it rolled off the factory floor:  Mile Low Club

In the spring of 2015 I returned to my stomping grounds in South Africa to visit friends and family and to explore remote places, both familiar and new.  Rovers Magazine featured observations of this journey in the 2015 holiday issue:  Home is South Africa

Land Rover Monthly included a feature on my exploration of Tembe Elephant Park with the Land Rover Owners Club of KwaZulu Natal in the special December 2015 issue:  Jumbo Patrol